Understand Your Body's Reaction to Allergens

Understand Your Body's Reaction to Allergens

We are your team for allergy testing in Texarkana, TX

Allergies are a nuisance that many people cope with regularly, but you can manage them. Exceed Urgent Care offers allergy testing. We have the tools and training to uncover your allergies and develop a plan for managing them.

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Common types of allergies

Many people in Texarkana, TX suffer from one allergy or another. Some common types of allergies include:

  • Dust allergies - Material is inhaled, irritating the nasal passages
  • Food allergies - When your immune system attacks a specific protein
  • Seasonal allergies - Pollen develops on plants during spring, adding allergens to the environment

With allergy testing, you can learn what causes your reaction and which allergy shots you need. Rely on Exceed Urgent Care to help you handle these issues as effectively as possible. Visit our Texarkana, TX office today. We serve the entire region with high-quality allergy care.